President's Speech


Upon the strong relations that have been developed and distinguished between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Azeribaijan, came the idea of establishing EgAz Group that started in 2005.

        • “EgAz Group” was established in order to create a trade point between Egypt and Azerbaijan based on the competitive and sustainable advantages enjoyed by the two countries.
        • As a result of the company’s endeavor to provide an appropriate climate based on confidence, “EgAz Group” became the commercial representative of the two countries after taking the lead to organize the work of the Joint Egyptian-Azerbaijani Committee on 27/12/2007 in Baku – (capital of Azerbaijan),to discuss ways of business cooperation, promote economic and investment relations between two countries.
        • By the beginning of 2008, the first gains of cooperation was in the trade sector which started especially with the Egyptian pharmaceuticals , to turn Baku into a major market and a center for the pharmaceutical trade, then from Baku to C.I.S. ( Commonwealth of Independent States from the Soviet Union) countries.
        • From 2009 onwards, revenues of cooperation and commercial representation between the two countries have been crystallized in various fields.
        • Our focus has been summarized in three different axes, based on one concept ; creating a commercial demand point based in Baku, between Egypt – Azerbaijan to exploit all elements of success available.
        • This dialogue forced to activate trade exchange in all sectors, tourism activity and socio cultural relation exchange.
        • Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude on behalf of “EgAz Group” to all officials of the two countries for their dignified representation, logistic support and executives in all different directions, which led us to move from local and regional thinking to universality by including development objectives between two countries from a strategic economic perspective, reflecting all the protocols of cooperation and activating the strategic partnership agreements between the two countries.