Trading, Investment and Consultancy

The main goal/objective of this section is to offer competitive sustainable advantage in providing quality services to all type of businesses with professional consulting services .


We propose, seek and guarantee for our customers all the available opportunities for long and short-term investment for various business locally, regionally and universally.


We are committed in our services and consultancy according to Houses Global Experience Regulations that grantee experiences to the most recent up-to-date applications .


We share and guarantee success with our clients through our head office , branches and representative all over worldwide.

  • Marketing & Sales and Distribution Consulting
  • Import & Export Services and Consulting
  • Contributing and Running Investments Consulting
  • Contracting and Running Business
  • ERP & CRM & SCM and SWOT Analysis Consulting
  • Strategy Trade & Running Commercial Business
  • Contracting & Establishing Turn key Projects
  • Investments for Short and Long-Term Conditions
  • Gas, Oils and Petrochemicals and Refinery
  • Pharmaceuticals, APIs, Medicated and Non-Medicated Appliances
  • IT Business & Infrastructure