EgAz Culture & Policy

  • Pursue challenges.
  • Be helpful & pro-act for sudden commercial variables.
  • Be open minded and focused.
  • Do more with less cost.
  • Strive for constant improvement and creativity.
  • Build up positive and honest commercial relationship.
  • Stay connected to clients and understand your why
  • Be your own boss.
  • To align culture strategy and determine how to strive and accelerate the wheel of organization.
  • To structure work processes and system design analysis.
  • Team work spirit is our power.
  • We are committed to make change.
  • We propose high quality services by high quality team.
  • Quality improvement, continuous progress and devolving is our goal.


Sweeping conclusions with our clients about  positive economics which leads to matching with normative economics that can work hand in hand when developing policy.

Our Philosophy Pillars

Our philosophy pillars for “EgAz” depends on our positive thinking for the following normative: